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Fall Protection Equipment for Roofing Jobs

The fall protection guidelines have been changed up by the OSHA in order to reduce fatalities in the residential construction workplace. If workers are required to work higher than 6 feet in the air in a residential roofing job, then these workers are required protection using guard-rail systems, safety net systems or personal fall arrest systems. If employers think that these fall protection systems are more hazardous to the worker, then he has to implement a fall protection plan. The fall protection plan must be prepared and approved by a qualified person and if there are changes in the protection plan, then it has to be re-approved by a qualified person.

It is required that a guardrail system be in place or be tied off if a work works in an aerial life or boom-type platform which includes scissor lifts and bucket trucks. Below are some of the acceptable methods for tie-offs.

Restraint systems include a body belt or harness. If a worker is to be prevented from falling any distance then there must be a fall protection plan in place.

It is important for construction workers to have positioning devices. It is a body belt or harness system that is rigged to allow an employee to be supported on a vertical surface like a pole, and work while leaning and having hands free. This positioning device will allow a maximum fall of up to 2 feet Workers on scissor lifts or bucket trucks cannot use the positioning device since they are working on a horizontal platform.

Fall arrest systems are also used in construction work. If aerial lifts or scaffolding can withstand loads caused by vertical and lateral, then the fall arrest system allows arrested falls. Instead of a body belt, a body harness ss used for this system.

The imposition of these OSHA guidelines are stricter than ever. This is because there are weekly deaths related to falls that could have been prevented by using the proper safety procedures and equipment. The first concern for workers in these industries is safety. Authorities impose penalties on companies that do not use safety methods. Huge fines were imposed on companies that allowed their workers to work on roofs without fall protection. The worst penalty is serious injury or death caused by something that could have easily been prevented by putting on a harness.

If you are looking for fall protection equipment or systems for your worker in a construction site, then you can find your resource online where you can find manufacturers of fall protection systems that you can sue for your company. If you are really concerned for the safety of your roof workers, then you should get fall protection systems so that they are not in danger of falling from he roof and you can buy these equipment in online stores that offer them in different kinds and qualities.

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