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Choosing the Best Barrel for Whiskey Enthusiast

Many whiskey makers use different kinds of barrel to create a whiskey that has a unique taste and character that is often accumulated from the barrel they are stored with. If one wishes to accentuate the flavor of the whiskey then using those barrels that were used to age other fermented drinks like wine and rum is something to consider. This is the main reason why choosing the right whiskey barrel is of great importance.

So what kind of wood you must use?

Which is better to use, new barrels or old barrels?
A number of people are quite confused when it comes to the right barrel to use; some of them are wondering whether to use an old one or a new barrel. The use of new whiskey barrels over the old ones will depend on the standpoint of the makers, some might prefer the old one compared to the new one or the other way around. Why would whiskey makers make use new barrels in storing whiskey?

One of the prevailing reasons why most whiskey makers see to it that not all of the barrels used in storing whiskey are new ones because of its price. It doesn’t matter if the person has its own cooperage or the import barrels from other makers; the real thing is that you will still spend a considerable amount of money if you will use new barrels.

Many people before used to have their own cooperage, a place where wooden barrels are made, this is of course when materials like stainless steel and aluminum are yet to be discovered.

If a certain barrel is already been used for a very long time already then the taste might be not as strong as the ones that was never been used to age a whiskey. This is the reason why others like to use the new barrels over the old ones.

As for the old ones, some reuse them as a sort of flavor enhancement since some barrels were used to age other liquors the whiskey somehow accumulates a refreshing and unique taste. The flavor emitted from these old barrels is not present with the new ones.

New barrels are sturdier compared to the old ones plus you can be assured that there is a lesser tendency for leakage. As for the old barrel, there is a higher risk for breakage and leakage because of its weakened structure.

Why Use Oak Barrels
There are different types of wood used in making barrels, these wood species has its own unique characteristic. The most preferable type of wood species used for barrels are the oaks.

Durability – this is the first reason why many prefer to used them in making barrels.

It is a nonporous wood.

Saturates New Flavors – The use of oaks allows the whiskey to be saturated with unique flavors.

Abundant number of Oak species in places where whiskey and other spirits are made.

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