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Essential Things to Know About Three Act Structure

The use of a format is one of the things that a play or a narrative do follow. The three-act structure is one of the best-known formats in the plays. It is essential to note that the use of the three-act structure will help in developing the story as well as making the same count. The use of the three-act structure is one of the formulas that do help to make the story into the three parts. You should know that the parts as well known as the acts. You will note that the three parts have their own names as well.

It is essential to note that there is the setup, confrontation, and the resolution as well. To understand the three acts structure, it will be better to know what each part has and what it helps in the story.

Here are some of the things that you should know about each structure part and what it helps to bring out in the story. The first act of the setup is the beginning phase of any given kind of writing. The exposition is the main function of this act.

You will note that in this kind of the step, the narrative will set to introduce the main character, the relationship between them and the kind of the world that they are coming from. There are some aspects that the stage will introduce to the main character.

With the incident, the main character will try out the issue. You should know that when it comes to this part, a drama can arise while it will lead to some questions that last part will answer.

The other act that follows is the second act which is known as the rising action. The act shows the attempts of the protagonist trying to solve the issues at hand.

The lack of skills and knowhow will be one of the things that will make the main character to fail in the test of the problem.

The main character gets some learning lessons and gets the help to deal with the same issue. In the third act, it is the resolution part of the story.

It is the tensest part of the scene. The questions will be all answered and the characters will know who they are really are in the story.

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