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Benefits of Hiring a Nurse Case Manager

As workers go about their day to day activities, accidents may happen which were not expected. In some countries it is mandatory for employers to put in place mechanisms that bail out such situations in case they happen. On the other hand the employee also needs to understand what his or her rights are during the process of compensation. A nurse case manager is first of all a registered nurse before the aspect of case management comes in.

In case the patient is okay with it, a nurse case manager can attend the doctor’s appointment of the injured victim and help with communication between the client and the doctor about the victim. Among the duties of a nurse case manager is to help the client get good medical care that is going to restore their health and also it should be from a good hospital.

The nurse case manager also has a role to go between and bring a form of understanding between all the parties involved to see that compensation has been arrived at and is satisfactory to all parties. Nurse case manager are also responsible for providing information concerning the doctors visit to an insurance adjuster who comes to play in the case of compensation cases.

The impact of the case manager comes in through a variety of ways , for a doctor they get to have smooth communication with their patients thanks to the nurse case manager. For the patient to access the treatment that they are after , they have to provide some information which is validated to be legitimate by the nurse case manager, furthermore, the case manager has a duty to ensure that the treatment is effective as it should be and in the case of any anomalies it’s their duty to identify them. If the treatment is not appropriate ,a nurse case manager should raise alarm and take the necessary action to ensure that proper care is being offered.

It should be noted that a nurse case manager works independently from the insurance companies and that they are not in any way presenting the same fronts. A nurse case manager is allowed to provide the relevant information concerning the situation of the victim and the medical care but, he or she should not be in support of the insurance company when enacting a settlement.

The injured should also be aware of their entitlements which include being notified of the discussion between the case manager , insurance company and the employer. The worker claiming compensation should be allowed to be present during the discussions that are supposed to happen between the parties and also the employee’s attorney should be allowed if present. Before a patient presents themselves for the discussions they need to be informed what is to be discussed in the meeting.

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