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Things to Remember When Buying Pocket Wi-Fi


If you don’t like asking the waiter at a restaurant or the family you are visiting to give you their wifi password, you must buy a pocket wifi device. You can use it at your home as well as anywhere outside the home as it is not connected to a single phone wire, instead it use a SIM card. You can use local as well as international data SIM card in such devices.

Before you decide to buy a pocket wifi rental you must keep the following things in your mind:


  • Cost Associated

It is not doubted that pocket wifi costs you lesser than mobile internet but still you need to know you limit before you buy a pocket wifi. You should also know that how much data you are going to use on average and then choose a package accordingly so that you do not end up paying extra.


  • Hardware

Before you buy a pocket wifi you should know your hardware requirements. Does the device provide high speed connectivity? What could be potential interference? Is setting it up easy? How long the battery lasts? Does it support different international SIM cards? What kind of coverage and hardware flexibility it provides? If you focus on all these things and have the right answers for these questions you ill end buying the most suitable pocket wifi for yourself.


  • Reliability

Before you buy a pocket wifi you must check its reliability. Before ordering a portable wifi you must check if it connects with multiple devices at once and provides appropriate internet connection. It must also be able to be used with any SIm card in any country.


  • Unlocked

You must check if your pocket wifi is unlocked before buying it. If your device is unlocked you will be able to choose any network provider that offers you best suitable packages.


  • Functionality

Every pocket wifi device provides basic function which is being able to connect with internet. But there are some more efficient devices also available in the market, such the ones which work as a power bank too, or the ones that allow you to send and receive text messages. You must know your need from such a device before buying. If you travel a lot and plan on buying a power bank you can buy the dual function pocket wifi.


  • Size

All pocket wifi may not come in actual pocket size. Carefully read the description on the package before you buy a pocket wifi. You would want to choose the one that is small in size and light in weight.


With a pocket wifi router you can stay connected easily no matter where you are. In many countries you can rent the pocket wifi if you do not have it already or you do not want to purchase it. When it comes to pocket wifi rental Japan has many options for you to choose from. They offer you cheap packages so if you plan on making a short stay

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