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3 Income Tips for Graduates Who Are Saving for Cars


As students graduate high school, the need for a vehicle becomes fairly dire. These graduates will either soon be attending college or entering the workforce. Therefore, they will need a way to commute back and forth between work or school. In many cases, a local summer time job will not earn enough to pay for a vehicle. Graduates may have to get creative with their income generating ideas.

Modeling for Local Photographers

In many towns and cities, there is an abundance of photographers who need models for a wide variety of projects. From modeling merchandise to starring in artistic compositions, a graduate’s modeling gig could be a great way to raise cash. Try searching in local groups for photographers who are in seek of models.

Collecting Scrap Metal

Many people tend to throw all of their waste away. This includes recyclable metals such as aluminum, steel, and even brass or copper. Collecting and taking that scrap for metal recycling Byram Township NJ can earn the young adult quite a bit of money. To make this effort worthwhile, collect all personal metal waste and ask friends and family to collect theirs as well. Make rounds to collect it from each household weekly, so that friends and family aren’t tempted to throw it away.

Tutoring Middle and High School Students

Many middle school and high school students require some tutoring through harder classes. For graduates who were enrolled in advanced or honors classes, it is a great idea to offer tutoring services for families who have students that are struggling. One of the best ways to start is by asking friends and family if there are any siblings or children who are failing any classes; if a child is in need of help, offer tutoring services.

Buying a car is one of the first big financial decisions that a graduate will make. When a job simply isn’t paying enough, and a second job is not an option, there are many side gigs that can help to grow savings more quickly.…

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