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Installing a Computer Program

You have a new computer and there is a program that you would like to install. You have yet to do something like this and are unsure what to do next. Before you tap on the click here button, here are a few steps to follow.

Put In the Disk

The software you purchased should come with a CD inside with the program embedded on it. Take that disk out of the box and slip it into the CD slot on your computer. Many machines have a holder for the disk so you may need to press a button to summon it out then set the CD on it.

Start the Installation

Most disks will start themselves up and a prompt asking for the installation to start will probably pop up on the screen. You can press the install button to allow it to begin. There might be a few more questions for you to answer. If you are unsure what to do, you can consult the instructions that came with it. Once the program is operational, you can remove the disk from your computer. You will want to store it somewhere cool and dry where you will be able to find it again if you need it.

Installing an App On Your Computer

Most programs on computers today are actually app, which is short for applications. Instead on installing them with CDs, you will need to the operating system’s store to purchase it. Once the transaction is made, you can click on a button to install the app on your computer. It will apply itself much like a computer program does and will ask the same questions. The benefit of the app is that, if something happens to the program, you just need to download it again instead of search for a lost disk.…

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