I Will Be Home in a Few Weeks

It has been a really interesting trip, because I have been interacting with a bunch of strange and unusual people. I was working upon a number of web sites, including some adult sites and a couple of betting web sites. I went to Las Vegas for my own reasons, mainly because I figured that I was bored and it does not really matter where I use my lap top. In fact it worked out really well for me. A few nights after I got there I started gambling, and I was drinking a few beers as well. At any rate I normally would not have behaved the way that I did, but I started out with a sum of money which I decided I would bet and so when I won and kept winning, I just let it all ride. After a little while decided to put some of it in the bank, and they made me pay taxes on that part of it. At any rate I was getting tired, but I decided to place a big bet on a football game.

The next day I was rather upset with myself, because I had not only made a huge bet. I had bet on a team that I had no faith in as well. Strangely it seemed to work out fine. The upset was really big. At any rate the real luck involved a couple of chorus girls. At least they told me that they were chorus girls. I am pretty sure that they though I was richer than I am, they seemed like the kind of girls that people might call gold diggers and worse. I was in a certain kind of mood and they ended up staying in my hotel room for a few days. When they left they apparently were right ahead of the police, but they did me no harm at all.