Questions to Ask When Searching For a Trustworthy SEO Company

As it becomes more difficult for businesses to get noticed, finding a trustworthy SEO company becomes more important for small business owners. However, finding the right provider isn’t as easy as searching on Google. With the questions below, clients can distinguish a good SEO company from a bad one.

How Long has the Company Been in the Business?

Scammers are an unfortunate part of the SEO world. Many of them use unethical or spammy tricks to temporarily boost a site’s SEO, but rankings ultimately take a nosedive before the company closes down or moves on.

By comparison, reputable SEO providers take a well-adjusted approach to boosting a site’s rankings. Such companies are focused on building relationships with clients, and they can usually provide customer testimonials and case studies to prove their abilities.

What Metrics Does the Provider Focus On?

It’s very easy to become confused when talking about search engine optimization. Terminology such as backlinks, keywords and rankings is common, but some business owners don’t know what these terms mean. While industry terms are important, a reliable SEO provider should be able to explain them in a way that’s easy for an inexperienced business owner to understand.

Do They Promise Quick Results?

If an SEO firm promises perfection right away, potential customers should approach with caution. Honest agencies should be able to provide results within six months, and full results within one year. It takes time to drive conversions and increase sales, and any agency that says otherwise is likely using shady tactics such as spam and link buying. These provide a short-term boost, but they can eventually lead to severe penalties from Google.

What is the Company’s Keyword Strategy?

Now more than ever, searches utilize natural language such as full sentences and long-tail keywords. If a firm suggests keyword plugging as a way to get a site noticed, be very wary. Keyword strategies have changed to center more on long-tail results than on “ideal” keywords that customers believe will bring them more traffic.

Clients should not be reluctant to ask these questions when choosing an SEO firm. Top-quality SEO is a big investment, and it can affect a company’s brand and online reputation. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to find a firm that can act as an extension of the company and its brand.