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Polaroids and Their Uses

Most of us in this day and age would have probably known much about polaroids and how they are really used and what their uses are for, and many of us would have probably had one once in our lives. Most of the people today believe or think that polaroids are just the same exact things as those instant photographs, but apparently, they are absolutely not and will never be the same, since polaroids are not made to be that instant and they are not as advanced as modern photography. We all have our own special Polaroid memories back in the day, despite our age or the differences that we have as people, we all share this common memory back then, even when all we know now are those instant photographs that can be taken with our smart phones. It is actually very much surprising to see people get so amazed and still give so much appreciation for something as old as a polaroid, even with the vast inventions that have made life easier and more instant nowadays, it is somewhat refreshing to see people appreciate old and antique stuff that do not really cater to the instant needs of modern civilization.

A lot of made up and even real stories have been passed over from generation to generation about these polaroids and photography itself. The start of it all was back in the year nineteen forty three, when this very loving father tried to photograph his own little daughter as they were trying to enjoy their family vacation, when suddenly his little girl asked why he cant let her see her photo right after he took it for her. The myth or the story would then become later on a huge inspiration that was used by one of the most amazing and popular innovators in the whole history of mankind, and this will be the reason why the technology that we enjoy today is what it is today. This innovator was well known for being very determined and persistent in his quest to find that one technology that will be able to have that little girl be happy back then if ever she lived now, and thus it all obviously did happen as we now enjoy the convenience of instant photography.

These polaroids were somehow not that enough especially for those who seek more improvements on their photography experience, and people kept on asking for more from the innovators and inventors. The creator of this polaroid and the whole concept of photography was seen by his employees in his company as not only an asset but also a liability as well. The CEO back then was too particular about imperfections, making the company struggle a lot because of some unmet demands that they could not possibly be able to achieve at that time. After the original creator left, the company somehow also lost their own sense of imagining finely how photography should develop through the years.

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